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Position: Research Fellow in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and Lecturer (with tenure) at UQ

Citizenship and Residency: Japan and Permanent Resident in Australia
Education: Ph.D in Economics (University of Minnesota)
Research Interests: My research interests can be divided into two streams; one theoretical, the other empirical.
  • Theoretical Stream: Game Theory with a special interest in Social Choice, Voting and Political Competition, Market Microstructure and Financial Regulation;
  • Empirical Stream: Public Economics, Political Economy and Development-Related Issues.
About Myself:
  • In my personal life, I am an FX trader (used to be a scalper trader but no longer since my child's birth). I started trading Nikkei stocks right after high school, and tried on various markets. Then, I have concluded that Forex is probably a best match with my life style. I am interested in technical analysis tools, developing my own indices and statistics, in general.
  • I am interested in what makes people's lives "better", and needless to say, the quality of my life is important to me (yes, of course). I like Yoga, Sushi, Good Wine, Good Foods, Cooking, Good Music and so forth.